Real vs. Steal – Cartier Panthère Ring

by Irina on July 12, 2013

Update: This post has been updated on July 12, 2013. Scroll down to see the new add.

$25.700 – I mean, WOW! Debating the price of this 18k yellow gold panther ring by Cartier is somehow absolutely pointless, isn’t it? There’s no way I could ever afford it or talk myself into splurging on it; not even in my wildest dreams! And I think it’s safe to say that none of you who read this blog accidentally happen to belong to the upper 10.000 and thus are one the lucky few who could actually afford this beautiful jewelry piece without having to worry about the hefty price. It certainly is an amazing statement ring though, isn’t it? I’m totally in love with it!

Cartier Panthère Panther Ring in gold

Cartier Panthère Ring
($25.700, Cartier)

Pieces “Imukka” Tiger Ring

UPDATE (07/12/2013): Just found this amazing and budget-friendly Cartier Panther Ring look-a-like by Pieces which retails for a little over $15 and comes also in gunmetal! Yay!

Pieces Imukka Tiger Ring in gold (Cartier Panthère knockoff)

Pieces Imukka Tiger Ringls
($15.27, ASOS)

P.S.: Also available at ASOS (DE)zx & ASOS (FR).

ALDO “Vilanculos” Panther Ring

With this steal by ALDO we’re going from $25.700 down to $10 (sale price!)! Now that’s a major price cut, isn’t it? Of course, at this price there’s no way you could expect anything similar to the quality and craftmanship of a real Cartier piece, but if you’re just looking for a quick and budget-friendly way to get the same look, this ALDO ring should do the trick. Also available in silver. Raaaawr!

ALDO "Vilanculos" Panther Ring in gold (Cartier Panthère knockoff)

ALDO “Vilanculos” Panther Ringls
($9.98, ALDO)

Image source(s): Cartier, ASOS, ALDO

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