Real vs. Steal – Blumarine Bejeweled Sandals

by Vahni on June 30, 2010

These Blumarine Bejeweled Sandals (from the Fall 2009 collection) really need no words. That may be because they’ve left me speechless, they’re so damn hot. Stunning off, staggeringly gorgeous on, as illustrated by the lovely ladies below…

Blumarine Bejeweled Sandals in black

Blumarine Bejeweled Sandals
(Price Unknown, SOLD OUT)

Celebrities Love Blumarine

Chanel Iman and Sylvie van der Vaart wearing black Blumarine Bejeweled Sandals

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Chinese Laundry “Money Maker” Sandals

So if those Blumarine Bejeweled Sandalsare now haunting you like they are me, even if money is no object, they’re still a fantasy since they’re sold clean out. One alternative is this slightly chunkier pair by Chinese Laundry. The “Money Maker” has the same crystal detailing, but on a solid platform—if you’re planning on dancing the night away, this is the pair for you. The platform provides extra cushioning for the ball of the foot so you can shake your money maker a little bit longer.

Chinese Laundry "Money Maker" Sandals in black (Blumarine knockoffs)

Chinese Laundry “Money Maker” Sandalsamazon
($109.95, Amazon)

ZiGiny “Gaga” Sandals

If you’re not a platform kind of girl, or need a more feminine silhouette, the “Gaga” Sandals by ZiGiny are a great substitute for the Blumarine pair. But you’re not the only one hawking this pair—only limited sizes available, so if you’re interested, get a move on!

ZiGiny "Gaga" Sandals in black (Blumarine knockoffs)

ZiGiny “Gaga” Sandalsamazon
($68.38, Amazon)

Wild Rose Trey-05 Evening Dress Sandals

Our third (and least expensive) lookalikes are the Wild Rose Trey-05 Evening Dress Sandals. At $33.74, it’s like getting bargain-basement Blumarine. Well, almost. Again, only limited sizes available—good luck!

Wild Rose Trey-05 Evening Dress Sandals in black (Blumarine knockoffs)

Wild Rose Trey-05 Evening Dress Sandalsamazon
($33.74, Amazon)

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  • Steph

    I just bought the Chinese Laundry one’s for an event, they were a HIT! I’ve never received so many compliments on heels!

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