In Beyoncé Knowles’ Closet – Pencey Cherry Blossom Dress with Open Back

by Vanessa on May 23, 2010

Update: This post has been updated on May 23, 2010. Scroll down to read the news.

Beyoncé very rarely goes for feminine frills and girlie flowers, but what better day to ditch her usually glam look for something softer than Easter Sunday? From the front a totally unsuspecting white with pink cherry blossoms dressy by Pencey. Then turn around and she brings sexy back. Cheesy, I know, I know. My words, not her outfit. She looks great and the Topshop Victoria flats give her usually heeled feet a nice rest.

Beyoncé Knowles wearing a Pencey Cherry Blossom Dress with Open Back

Our Rating: ★★★½☆

Who? Beyoncé Knowles
Where? Easter Sunday Dinner at Wallse
When? April 04, 2010
What? Pencey Cherry Blossom Dress with Open Back, Chanel Lucky Charms Flap Bag, Topshop Victoria Face Flat Pumps

Topshop VICTORIA2 Face Pumps

UPDATE (05/23/2010): Just discovered that the cute Victoria face ballet flats are back in stock at Topshop. They slightly differ from Beyoncé’s version because these have a gold chain ankle strap and not of a pearl one, but everything else is identical.

Topshop VICTORIA2 Face Pumps in blush

Topshop VICTORIA2 Face Pumpsls
($50, Topshop)

Pencey Cherry Blossom Dress

Pencey Cherry Blossom Dress with Open Back

Pencey Cherry Blossom Dress with Open Backcj
($392, Shopbop)

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  • When I saw Bey in this ensemble last week I was truly dissapointed! I thought this dress belonged on a 12 yr old! That is…until I saw the back. I didn’t know it was backless! I can’t say that I’m feeling this look for her but the back is a nice touch!

  • @FfF: Definitely agree with you that this is not Bey’s best look. But I like that she channelled her girly-romantic side in this dress and as you already pointed out, the open back adds the Wow! factor.

  • karen

    dress is ok what I want to know is what shoes is beyonce wearing they’re so cute

  • Alyssa

    I saw this look and was completely surprised…in a bad way. Normally I applaud Beyonce’s fierce sense of style that shows off her bangin’ bod, but I just can’t love her in this ensemble. Even though it’s Easter, this dress was way too safe for her. The dress doesn’t seem to fit right on her, and the worst thing to do was to wear flats – it makes her look heavier than she really is. I would have loved to see a bright, springy Jimmy Choo or Louboutin pump. Sorry Bey, but on this one, I have to “Ring the Alarm”…to summon the fashion police!

  • Lourdes

    I was just about to post that this is not her best look and thankfully I am not alone. This is not a fierce look for her. Although the dress is nice it was not put together correctly, I agree with Alyssa the shoes completely off and maybe if she added a belt it would have hugged her curves better.

  • @karen: As you can see above in the “WHAT” section it’s stated that Beyoncé is wearing “Topshop Victoria Face Flat Pumps”. I would have listed these as well, but they are from a couple seasons ago and hence sold out already. 🙁

  • Melissa

    post a cheaper version of the dress please!! i really like it on the model via or even. not for Beyonce but meeeee

  • Melissa, I’ll try to find an alternative for you. Will keep you updated. 🙂

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