Real vs. Steal – Be & D Kan Kan Portfolio Shoulder Bag

by Celine on June 12, 2010

While I love clothes and lust over shoes to a fault, I’ve never been much of a handbag girl. I think probably because you eventually put the bag down and it no longer becomes part of your outfit. Or something. Every once in a while, though, a handbag comes along that really makes a statement and I find myself powerless under its control. Said bag generally falls into either the overly romantic group or the “rocker” category. Be & D‘s Kan Kan Portfolio Shoulder bag would obviously fall into the former category, although I would argue that there’s something not entirely sweet about it. I mean other than the price of course. I love that the strap mixes chain and fabric and I can’t say no to the girly ruffles. Wait, no, yes I can. $595 says that I put the bag down and back away slowly.

Be & D Kan Kan Portfolio Shoulder Bag in cream

Be & D Kan Kan Portfolio Shoulder Bagicon
($595, Net-A-Porter)

Forever 21 Leatherette Ruffle Purse

Well luckily for me (and you!) I no longer have to curb my urges. A friend recently pointed out this lovely little “Leatherette Ruffle Purse” on Forever 21 and while it is not a dead ringer for the Be & D handbag, it’s quite clear where F21 got their inspiration from. The blush tones, the ruffles, the studs… they all add up to a great purse, never mind a great knockoff. And folks, it retails for $22.80. For a bag. A cute one. You can thank me later.

Forever 21 Leatherette Ruffle Purse in cream (Be & D Kan Kan knockoff)

Forever 21 Leatherette Ruffle Purse
($22.80, Forever 21)

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  • ishtar

    o.m.g i loveeeeeeee the real one, the forever21 doesn’t quite hit it for me. Promise you’ll find more knockoff’s??? please.

  • I’ll see if I can find a better steal version. And of course I’ll update the post and let you know if I find something suitable, Ishtar.

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