Real vs. Steal – Balmain Studded Vest

by Irina on January 9, 2010

I noticed I haven’t featured anything Balmain for quite some time. The Balmain craze has calmed down a bit by now though I’m sure there’ll be plenty of knockoffs filling the racks of fast-fashion retailers just in time for spring again. I’m usually not a big fan of vests simply because I don’t think they are overly flattering on a woman’s body. I can’t remember if I have ever bought or even worn a vest in my life yet. The studded vest below however could very well change my attitude towards vests altogether.

Balmain Studded Vest in white

Balmain Studded Vest
($6.064, SOLD OUT)

Beyoncé Knowles Loves Balmain

Beyoncé Knowles wearing a white Balmain Studded Vest

Madison Marcus Endeavor Vest

If you’re a fan of Balmain or studded vests in general, but don’t have $6.000 cash to spare, you might want to give this studded alternative by Madison Marcus a try. While the color is grey and the stud pattern differs slightly, the Balmain inspiration is still pretty evident in this vest. The price of $285 isn’t exactly budget-friendly either, but compared to the real deal a total bargain.

Madison Marcus Endeavor Vest in grey (Balmain knockoff)

Madison Marcus Endeavor Vestcj
($285, Shopbop)

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