Real vs. Steal – Balmain Fringed Leather Boots

by Irina on January 16, 2009

I absolutely adore Balmain. Christophe Decarnin’s Fall 2008 collection was simply AMAZING! A masterpiece so to say. It was so edgy and punk and quintessential rock-chick style. But I didn’t just loved all the dresses, skirts, trousers and shirts, but also the adorable fringed ankle boots that have been flaunted by the models throughout on the runway. I’ve been wanting a pair of my own fringed booties for months, but now that they’ve hit the shelves at NET-A-PORTER, I was shocked to learn that the original Balmain boots are way out of my price range with $1.025. So I searched high and low for budget-friendly look-a-likes and found a bunch of great alternatives. Some of them which are very pretty and very similar to the original Balmain booties.

Balmain Fringed Leather Ankle Booties in Black

Balmain Fringed Leather Bootsls
($1.025, NET-A-PORTER)

Betsey Johnson “Tisha” Fringed Ankle Boots

Maybe these aren’t quite what you’d call a knockoff, but Betsey Johnson‘s “Tisha” fringed ankle boots are certainly a good alternative that will cost you $288 ($320). And by the way, aren’t these tassels and pink accents absolutely to die for? So cute!

Betsey Johnson "Tisha" Black and Pink Fringed Ankle Boots

Betsey Johnson “Tisha” Fringed Ankle Bootsamazon
($288, Amazon)

Topshop “AMORE” Fringe Lace Boots

These fringed lace up boots from Topshop are probably the most identical Balmain look-a-likes. Unfortunately, they come only in brown and not black. The heel is also chunkier and not as high as the original one, but the overall style is very similar. From the type of fringes to the laces, they are quite the same except for the price which happens to be about 85% less than the original.

Amore Fringed Lace Up Ankle Booties

Topshop “AMORE” Fringe Lace Bootsls
($160, Topshop)

Bakers “FLARE BK” Fringed Ankle Boots

So we all know Bakers loves to copy designer shoes. And of course they had their own version of the Balmain boots called “FLARE BK” which is on sale right now for affordable $49.90 ($129.95).

Bakers Flare BK Fringed Ankle Booties in Black

Bakers “FLARE BK” Fringed Ankle Bootsamazon
($49.90, Amazon)

59 Seconds High Heel Fringed Ankle Boots

If you’re not the type for high heeled ankle boots but like the idea of fringed suede booties, these knockoffs from 59 Seconds are your choice. I know the boots seem to be badly manufactured from what you see on the picture, but this might be because of the harsh lighting. They have more photos of the shoes on their website and they look quite good on the model there. So if they tickle your fancy, grab them for discounted $46.80 ($75).

59 Seconds Black High Heel Fringed Ankle Booties

59 Seconds High Heel Fringed Ankle Boots
($46.80, YesStyle)

GoJane Black Suede Lace Up Fringe Booties

GoJane, like Bakers, love to make their own “interpretations” of popular designer shoes. This black suede fringe bootie isn’t necessarily a Balmain knockoff (more Betsey Johnson), but it’s certainly similar enough to be on this list. Shell out $30.99 and call them yours!

GoJane Black Suede Lace Up Fringed Ankle Boots

GoJane Black Suede Lace Up Fringe Booties
($30.99, GoJane)

Black Suede Fringe Lace Up Ankle Boots

These fringed ankle boots here are, like the GoJanes above, more a knockoff of Betsey Johnson’s “Tisha” booties (I guess they originally are knockoffs of some other designer shoe), but they certainly deserve to be featured on this list because of their similiarities to the Balmain version. They also happen to be my favorite knockoffs. I love the fringes, the tassels, the heel, the form of the shoe, everything. And you can’t argue with the price. I mean $9.99 ($62.99) for a shoe? A no-brainer.

Amiclubwear Black Suede Fringe Lace Up Ankle Boots

Black Suede Fringe Lace Up Ankle Booties
($9.99, AmiClubWear)

Black Suede Fringe Lace Up Moccasin Ankle Boots

And just when I thought you can’t beat $9.99 for a Balmain knockoff I came across these darlings. $3.99 – are you serious? I kind of feel this must be a joke. Like “What’s the catch?”. Are these shoes going to fall apart after 2 days of wearing? Is the material causing cancer or something? I’ve never seen shoes being so cheap and I don’t know if these are just China imported rubbish or a real secret bargain buy. If you own them, please feel free to comment on how good (or not) they are (quality, comfort, etc).

Amiclubwear Black Suede Fringe Lace Up Moccasin Ankle Booties

Black Suede Fringe Lace Up Moccasin Ankle Boots
($3.99, AmiClubWear)

ASOS Leather Suede Fringe Shoe Boots

Found another Balmain look-a-like! The heel on these ASOS booties is a bit thinner, but otherwise these fringe shoe boots look just like the Balmains. Also available in berry.

ASOS Black Leather Suede Fringe Shoe Boots

ASOS Leather Suede Fringe Shoe Bootsls
($73.47, ASOS)

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