Designer Fashion 4 Less – Balmain Fall 2009 Futuristic Strapless Dress

by Irina on September 15, 2009

Back to Balmain, huh? It’s almost unbelievable to see how much Balmain gets copied these days when just 2 years ago almost no one knew this brand and now they’re selling $10k dresses like crazy. That’s how the fashion world spins sometimes.

Balmain Fall 2009 futuristic silver sculpted strapless dress

Balmain Fall 2009 Futuristic Sculpted Mini Dress
(Price Unknown, N/A)

Lipsy Futuristic Metallic Mini Dress

Balmain fans in the UK/Europe, you are lucky because Lipsy have a nearly identical knockoff of the silver Balmain strapless dress. It does not even come close to the delicate quality of an authentic Balmain dress, but it also doesn’t cost you like $7.000 but only £90 instead! The cut and look are a 100% match, so if you covet the Balmain dress, this is your chance to grab a budget-friendly alternative.

Lipsy Futuristic Metallic Mini Dress in silver (Balmain Fall 2009 knockoff)

Lipsy Futuristic Metallic Mini Dressls
(£90, Lipsy)

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