Real vs. Steal – Balenciaga Fall 2006 Harness Platform Boots

by Irina on August 27, 2011

Update: This post has been updated on August 27, 2011. Scroll down to see the new add.

So excited about this! Remember Balenciaga‘s Fall 2006 harness ankle boots with the mega platform? A lot of people thought they were the ugliest shoes on the planet, but then Mary-Kate Olsen came along, fell in love with these boots and wore them like a million times. And suddenly people were all over these boots. Of course, not everyone could afford the real Balenciagas and hence had to wait for an affordable knockoff version.

Balenciaga Fall 2006 Harness Platform Ankle Boots in black

Balenciaga Fall 2006 Harness Platform Boots
(Price Unknown, N/A)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Love Balenciaga

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen wearing black Balenciaga Fall 2006 harness platform ankle boots

Nelly Shoes “Ameena” Ankle Booties

UPDATE (08/27/2011): After a long knockoff hiatus, here’s another Balenciaga look-a-like by Nelly Shoes. You like?

Nelly Shoes "Ameena" Ankle Booties in black (Balenciaga knockoffs)

Nelly Shoes “Ameena” Ankle Booties
(€56.95, Nelly)

Sam Edelman “Zoe” Ankle Boots

The knockoffs were brought to us by Sam Edelman and became such a big hit that they sold out in a rush. Even Rumi of fame fell in love with these Balenciaga look-a-likes. More than 2 years later, Sam Edelman has chosen to reintroduce the coveted ankle boots for his Fall 2009 line due to the popular demand. Unfortunately, they raised the price as well. If you missed out on these the first time, this is your chance now, but be fast and order quickly, these boots go like hot cakes!

Sam Edelman "Zoe" Platform Ankle Boots (Balenciaga Fall 2006 knockoffs)

Sam Edelman Zoe Bootspjx
($194.95, Solestruck)

P.S.: Also available at Amazonamazon, Shopbop, Nordstromls, Heels.comcj.

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  • twiggy

    *jumps with joy* I am so excited that it’s come back! I’ve been looking for something similar to the Balenciaga boots for awhile now so this is great news. BTW, love your blog 🙂

  • Carol

    there a korean knockoff version of this boots, i saw a couple on ebay, search sam and zoe
    it’s all man made materials though

  • I am so devastated, I bought the size 8 from solestruck for US $319.. I could have bought them for $199… ah well still love them, and can’t wait to wear them

  • Oh no, that sucks, of course. Maybe you can return them and get them at Jildor again?

  • I have been DYING for these boots – are they really available on ebay for less?? *off to look*

  • B

    I bought them in 2006 when they were first avaliable via Victoria’s Secret for $150. I sold them in 2009 (beat up having worn them often), for $800 on eBay. Insane. They are pretty hot boots but they aren’t comfortable, and you might as well buy the Balenciagas (for comfort) for that price!

  • B, that is one crazy price! Lucky you! If I were the buyer I would’ve totally kicked me in the ass because the Zoes were reintroduced in Fall 2009. Seriously, I do understand that fashion is passion, but paying such a hefty price is simply outrageous.

  • Hi,

    I am not sure if anyone is interested, but I have the original authentic pair (box and all) of black booties. I would be willing to sell them for a great offering price if someone wants them. The same pair is going on ebay for over 4k, but I’d be happy to make an insane deal with someone. I have only worn them once. They are in impeccable condition, no flaws. Also, I have the box and dust bags with them, and I can provide everything within my power to ensure authenticity. Just contact me if you are interested. You can also text if you like 850-687-4287 🙂


  • I am a fan of black booties bvut i think these are hideous!

    I think I’ll stick to Phillip Lim’s sexy ankle booties that I’m picking up this week, check em out:, fall is right around the corner people!!!!

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  • Andrea

    Hi! This is really a looong shot- but do you still have the boots and want to sell them?
    I’ve been looking for a pair in 37-38 since 2006..

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