Review: BagInc Alexa Studded Bag

by Irina on March 4, 2012

Like many of you I was quite smitten with Alexander Wang’s Rocco bag, but again, like many of you, I didn’t have a spare $875 to indulge in this studded handbag goodness. Then I discovered BagInc’s “Alexa” – a bag quite worthy of the perfect “Doppelg√§nger”-title, all that for $179 (and we’re speaking real leather bag here!). But since I’ve always been more of a shoe girl, acquiring new footwear was always first priority, hence I never got around to actually buy this fabulous looking bag. Luckily, a few months later my fashion blogger status enabled me to get this studded beauty for free because BagInc contacted me and asked whether I’d be interested in reviewing this particular bag since they saw so many orders from people who found this bag via our Real vs. Steal post on the Alexander Wang Rocco bag. I was. Here is my review:

BagInc "Alexa" Studded Bag in black (Alexander Wang Rocco knockoff)

BagInc “Alexa” Studded Bag
($179, BagInc)

My BagInc “Alexa” Bag

Review: BagInc Alexa Studded Bag in black

The first thing I can confirm (which you can probably already see from my photos above) is YES, the bag looks just as good in real life as it does on the product photo. And it feels goood, too. But first things first.

The bag arrived packed very flat, so what I did first was restoring the bag’s shape by stuffing it full with leftover padding material. I let the bag sit like that for around 2 days, then took it for a closer inspection. What really stood out most to me was the supberb quality and the involved craftmanship, I didn’t quite expect to get that from a $159 bag that came all the long way to me from Hong Kong, China. So I looked closer and tried to find the catch. But nothing. The brass hardware looked good, zipper worked like a charm, no loose threads or horrible stitching or any sign of smelly leather.

Another thing I really liked about this bag is the textured leather which feels soft yet sturdy and is also cut quite thick which I think is a huge bonus since paperthin leather bags tend to rip easier and wear down quicker.


There are two minor things that slightly bugged me about this bag. 1.) I wished it was about 2-3 inches wider which I think would make the bag look less square-ish when you’re looking at it from the front. 2.) Due to its duffle shape the bag looks best when it’s stuffed to the brim. The structure of the bag is not stable enough to hold up the round shape on its own, so if you want the full-fledged duffle shape you have to stuff the bag which might be a problem to some of you who, opposed to me, don’t tend to carry all their belongings in their bag.

P.S.: If anyone’s interested in the details of my outfit. I got the coatls and scarf (sold out!) from ASOS, the ring is from The Quiet Riot (YSL Arty ring look-a-like). Shoes are by Dolce Vitaamazon.

Bottom Line

It is a quality bag and definitely worth the $179 investment (get it for less by using our exclusive 10% OFF promo code “INTHEIRCLOSET“). Apart from the 2 minor things I mentioned above the bag is pretty much perfect.

Do I recommend this bag? Yes. Would I have bought it with my own money? Yes, I just didn’t because sometimes you have to see (and feel) something in real life before you recognize its true fabulousness.

Don’t believe me? Read one of the many bag reviews which are almost all 4-5 star reviews with people being totally amazed by the quality of this bag (just like I am!).


  • Great quality & craftmanship!
  • Fair price!
  • Real leather!
  • Alexander Wang Rocco look for a fraction of the original’s price!


  • Could be a few inches wider!
  • Duffle shape best visible when bag is filled generously with stuff
Look Our Rating: ★★★★★
Quality Our Rating: ★★★★★
Wearability Our Rating: ★★★★☆
Price Our Rating: ★★★★☆
Overall Our Overall Rating: ★★★★½

(The bag has been provided to me for review)

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  • Patience

    Definitely looks like the real deal. Great find.

  • Mari

    I LOVE it!

  • mat

    Wow you’re so lucky!! Wish I was a fashion blogger ūüôā

  • cc

    Baginc website calls the material, high quality synthetic leather, i.e. a type of vinyl, not leather. I thought they were leather too at first, hence I read your review and their FAQs before recommending to a client – just to be accurate.

  • Hi CC! I think their FAQ where you read about the “high quality synthetic leather” is outdated. Or maybe they sell both authentic leather and faux leather bags. In the case of the Alexa bag it’s clearly stated in the product description that the bag is constructed of cowhide leather. This statement therefore excludes, at least in my opinion, the possibility that it is faux leather. What also strengthens my belief that the Alexa bag is a real leather bag is the fact that I own this bag and I also own faux leather bags and the Alexa looks and feels nothing like a faux leather bag. However, to be 100% sure I am going to email BagInc and ask directly whether the Alexa bag is made of real leather or not.

    Hope this will help!

  • Hi CC, I received a reply from BagInc and they have confirmed that the “Alexa” bag is made of 100% real cowhide leather. Hope this could reassure you.

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  • Alexis Cuadros

    Did you ever get an email back from baginc about the Alexa? How is the bag holding up this far? Thanks

  • Hi Alexis,

    yes, I got an email from BagInc and they reassured me that the Alexa bag was made of real leather (however they sell both faux and authentic leather bags).

    The bag is holding up really well, I’m using it quite often and it doesn’t show any signs of age yet. Totally recommended, the bag is worth the investment.

    Hope I could help!

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  • Lottie

    FYI, BagInc now has this bag with the bright gold hardware. Just ordered it. Hopefully one day they’ll get rose gold too, since I know some people really prefer that look.

  • Sarah

    BAGINC SCAMMED ME OF MY MONEY. If you don’t trust my honest review, please do go to their Facebook page and review websites like TrustPilot to read other customers’ reviews! But beware, because I posted a comment on BagInc’s youtube video warning others of the scam and they deleted my comment!

    So this is what happened:
    I ordered a bag THREE MONTHS ago. A month later, they finally sent me as shipping confirmation. 2 months later, I still haven’t received my bag and cannot track it. Countless emails and LOTS AND LOTS of frustration from my side later, they told me the package is lost. Then, I asked for a refund. Not once, not twice, but AT LEAST THRICE. They refused. They told me that they’ll ship another one out. Fair enough, I agreed. But then guess what? A few days later, they told me the bag I ordered is not available anymore. So I picked another colour, and they told me that that colour is also unavailable until the end of this month (October). on 26th Oct, today, I emailed them asking for updates. They told me it is still unavailable, but i checked the website and the website shows the bag as available and I’m even able to add it into my cart.

    I PM-ed them on their Facebook page, there was one reply promising to follow-up on my case. But nope, no news. I PM-ed them again, no reply. I posted a comment on their video on their youtube channel only to find that it has been deleted.

  • Sarah

    I am very disappointed. BagInc may seem like a trusted company but it really isn’t, and I have learnt that I’m not the only one that has had my money “stolen” from BagInc. It may seem like it, because BagInc has sponsored a number of fashion bloggers and YouTubers. I also got to know about BagInc through a makeup vlogger on YouTube. It seems like these people get special treatment whilst us, the customers, get scammed of our money because we trust the review. Please warn your readers about this! You may even view their Facebook page to see the comments left by some customers, and keep in mind that they DO delete negative comments, for I myself has experienced it first-hand!

  • Hi Sarah, I’m very sorry to hear you’ve had such a negative shopping experience with BagInc.

    I, myself, always experienced BagInc as a professional and trustworthy company and I can only imagine that something must have gone horribly wrong with your order.

    Feel free to e-mail me your order number and inquiry to and I will forward it to my contact at BagInc to help you resolve this unpleasant issue.

    Best wishes,

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