Real vs. Steal – Ash Lovely Studded Wedge Sandals

by Celine on January 5, 2011

Update: This post has been updated on January 05, 2011. Scroll down to see the new add.

I discovered Ash only last December when I was looking for the perfect knockoff of a pair of Martin Margiela sandals that I had been in love with for the better part of a year. Aptly enough, it was InTheirCloset that eventually led me to the Holy Land, so to speak. Ash shoes are really well made and definitely have a strong point of view. I love these “Lovely” Studded Wedge Sandals, for instance. I will say that they look more fall than summer to me, but there are already so many little outfits dancing in my head at the mere thought of owning these. The rich black is hot, as is the harness and studding. Here’s the thing, though: while Ash shoes are priced rather “reasonably”, they are still out of my sad little budget.

Ash Lovely Studded Wedge Sandals in black suede

Ash Lovely Studded Wedge Sandalscj
($230, Shopbop)

Moda In Pelle “Prune” Wedge Sandals

UPDATE (05/26/2011): Came across another Ash Lovely look-a-like by Moda In Pelle.

Moda In Pelle "Prune" Wedge Sandals in black suede (Ash Lovely knockoffs)

Moda In Pelle “Prune” Wedge Sandalsjavari

Steve Madden “Tarin” Wedges

UPDATE (01/05/2011): Reader Jennifer informed us about these Ash look-a-likes by Steve Madden. Available in black or ivory. Thanks, Jennifer!

Steve Madden "Tarin" Wedges in black (Ash Lovely knockoffs)

Steve Madden “Tarin” Wedgescj
($52, 6pm)

Gianni Bini “Cassie” Sandals

UPDATE (01/05/2011): Found another Ash knockoff by Gianni Bini. This one is either available in grey or nude.

Gianni Bini "Cassie" Sandals in grey (Ash Lovely knockoffs)

Gianni Bini “Cassie” Sandalsls
($99.99, Dillard’s)

Gabriella Rocha “Akella” Wedges

UPDATE (11/08/2010): Just came across another Ash knockoff by Gabriella Rocha. Available in black or tan.

Gabriella Rocha "Akella" Wedges in black (Ash Lovely knockoffs)

Gabriella Rocha “Akella” Wedgescj
($68, Zappos)

N.Y.L.A. “Placido” Stud Wedges

If you, too, have a mopey little budget, but love the look of the Ash wedge sandals, we may have found just the shoe. These “Placido” wedges by N.Y.L.A. look basically identical to the originals with a slightly less exaggerated heel. I’m fairly certain that once on no one would be able to tell the difference. I know there’s not a drastic difference in price, but just consider all the things you could buy with that extra hundo! Available in black and tan.

N.Y.L.A. "Placido" Stud Wedges in black (Ash Lovely knockoffs)

N.Y.L.A. “Placido” Stud Wedgesamazon
($60, Amazon)

Luichiny “Pass Ive” Studded Wedges

Now here’s a slightly different take on the studded wedge, albeit an equally as ferocious one. These “Pass Ive” wedges by Luichiny boast a super high wedge and a cord bottom and we still have the awesome harness and the studs. Even more affordable than then the N.Y.L.A’s, these are also available in a ton of colors (and by ton I mean 4: black, grey, camel & cognac suede).

Luichiny "Pass Ive" Studded Cork Wedges in black (Ash Lovely knockoffs)

Luichiny “Pass Ive” Studded Wedgesls
($54, Shoebuy)

P.S.: Also available at Amazonamazon.

Not Rated “Hot Spot” Stud Wedge Sandals

If you’re a blingy kind of girl (aka the more embellishment, the better!) then these “Hot Spot” wedge sandals by Not Rated might just be for you. The general feel and shape of the sandal is the same as our Ash pick but there’s a lot more gold studding and detailing. These are also a true steal at only $33. Available in black, tan, grey & red suede.

Not Rated "Hot Spot" Stud Wedge Sandals in black suede (Ash Lovely knockoffs)

Not Rated “Hot Spot” Stud Wedge Sandalsamazon
($50.81, Amazon)

Liliana “Misana” Gladiator Studded Wedges

If you’re like me you sometimes look at your closet and wonder how in the world you managed to amass so many pairs of black shoes. Well then who are we to suggest you buy yet another pair? If you’re loving the look of the Ash wedges but were wishing for a different/more summer friendly color, then wish granted! I love the cognac color of these Liliana “Misana” Gladiator Studded wedges. It feels light for summer but rich for fall. And guess what? This is our cheapest pick of the bunch! These retail for only $21.97!

Liliana "Misana" Gladiator Studded Wedges in tan (Ash Lovely knockoffs)

Liliana “Misana” Gladiator Studded Wedgesamazon
($21.97, Amazon)

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