Real vs. Steal – Anthropologie Walk-A-Ways Dress

by Celine on May 27, 2010

Update: This post has been updated on April 14, 2010. Scroll down to see the new add.

The Anthropologie “Walk-A-Ways” dress has been a huge hit ever since Jillian Harris (aka The Bachelorette) wore it on Regis and Kelly last summer. At a fairly reasonable price of $128, the dress flew off the shelves and all color combinations sold out rather quickly. It really is the perfect flirty spring (and summer) dress and in the months following Jillian’s appearance we saw several retailers offer similar, if not exact copies, of the “Walk-A-Ways.” We love the striped top (so in right now) with the fun, contrasting skirt and finally found a copy worthy of posting here!

Anthropologie Walk-A-Ways Bow Dress in green

Anthropologie Walk-A-Ways Dress
($128, Anthropologie)

ModCloth Fashion Democracy Dress

UPDATE (05/27/2010): Still looking for a cute summer dress? Here’s a red-skirt Anthropologie knockoff version by ModCloth.

ModCloth Fashion Democracy Dress in red (Anthropologie Walk-A-Ways knockoff)

ModCloth Fashion Democracy Dress
($49.99, ModCloth)

Gabriella Rocha “Bakuli” Bow Dress

UPDATE (04/14/2010): Stumbled upon another great Anthropologie inspired dress by Gabriella Rocha. Available in green and red.

Gabriella Rocha "Bakuli" Bow Dress in green (Anthropologie Walk-A-Ways knockoff)

Gabriella Rocha “Bakuli” Bow Dresscj
($73.95, Zappos)

LuLu*s Little Sparkler Dress

We really love this knock-off by LuLu*s. The oatmeal and navy striped scoop-neck top is so flattering, as is the cinched waist with detachable cloth belt, and the green of the skirt is rich and expensive looking. At only $34 (that’s $94 less than the original!) this is a truly excellent buy that will help you to welcome spring in style.

LuLu*s Little Sparkler Dress in green (Anthropologie Walk-A-Ways knockoff)

LuLu*s Little Sparkler Dress
($34, LuLu*s)

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  • Hi Celine,
    Thanks for featuring our dress on your blog! Just one little comment 🙂 Ours is actually not a “knock-off” of Anthropologie.

    ModCloth does not produce or design our own clothing. Susan Gregg Koger, our founder, and her buying team travel the globe looking for unique clothing and decor from independent designers at a wide range of price points.
    We began by selling one of a kind vintage items (and still do offer one true vintage item daily!) and our mission remains to offer unique clothing for young women that differs from what she might find in the mall. However, it is impossible for our buyers to keep track of every item/design that is on the market. So from time to time they do fall in love with a style and it happens to be similar to one found from another designer. Please know that is never our intention to steal a style. If our buyers had known that this dress was inspired by the Anthropologie dress, they would have never bought it.

    I hope that helps clear things up. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me directly. 🙂

    Have a nice weekend!
    Aire @ModCloth

  • Hi Aire,

    thank you for your comment. I appreciate you took the time to explain your company philosophy. I would have listed the actual label/brand of the dress, but since none was mentioned I went with the shop that sells the dress. Of course I do understand that your buyers cannot identify each and every design and personally I am not complaining about “knockoffs” if they aren’t actual counterfeits/fakes.

    I love ModCloth and all the beautiful items you stock, so I hope you aren’t offended by being featured here. We <3 designer-inspired "knockoffs"! 🙂

  • Hi Irina,
    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I share the same feelings about knockoffs as you! 🙂

    We were not offended at all! I wanted to comment to avoid any confusion. 🙂

    Have a nice weekend!

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