Real vs. Steal – Ann Demeulemeester Lace-Up Boots

by Irina on January 6, 2015

UPDATE: This post has been updated on January 6, 2015. Scroll down to see the new add.

Does this sound familiar? You see something and are really turned off by it first, but then, the more you look at it, the more it grows on you until you become obsessed with it? That happens to me quite often I must admit. In almost every case it’s a shoe which I first hate, then like and finally LOVE! The last time this happened to me was with these lace-up ankle boots by Ann Demeulemeester.

Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2009 black lace up ankle boots

Ann Demeulemeester Leather Open-Front Lace-Up Ankle Bootsls
($985, Saks Fifth Avenue)

When I first saw them, I thought they were way too clunky for a woman’s feet. But I couldn’t help but be fascinated by them, so I decided to give them another chance and googled them. Sometimes, in order to be able to see a shoe’s full potential, you have to see it on a person’s feet. That was definitely the case with the Ann Demeulemeester lace-up boots. The moment I saw the models flaunting them in a mini dress, I was irrevocably in LOVE!

Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2009 black lace up ankle boots

I couldn’t find any celebrities rocking these beauties, but fashion editors and style bloggers like Jane of Sea of Shoes happen to love them as much as me.

Forever 21 Lace-Up Peep-Toe Booties

UPDATE (01/06/2015): Now look at these lovely lace-up booties booties which I’ve discovered at Forever 21 today. So cool, right? They totally reminded me of the Ann Demeulemeester bootis above. I’m especially in love with the olive color.

Forever 21 Lace-Up Peep-Toe Booties in black and olive (Ann Demeulemeester knockoffs)

Forever 21 Lace-Up Peep-Toe Bootiesls
($32.90, Forever 21)

P.S.: Also available at Forever 21 (UK)ls & Forever 21 (EU).

Jeffrey Campbell “Cors” Lace-Up Peep-Toe Booties

UPDATE (07/17/2014): Jeffrey Campbell just won’t let this Ann Demeulemeester boot go. And here we go again with yet another dupe! Available in black, brown and wine red suede.

Jeffrey Campbell "Cors" Lace-Up Peep-Toe Booties in wine red and black suede (Ann Demeulemeester knockoffs)

Jeffrey Campbell “Cors” Lace-Up Peep-Toe Booties
($165, Jildor)

P.S.: Also available at Nordstromls, Amazonamazon, Shopbopcj & Bloomingdale’s.

Jeffrey Campbell “Meriwidow” Lace-Up Boots

UPDATE (01/30/2014): Here’s yet another Ann Demeulemeester bootie dupe coming from Jeffrey Campbell. This one’s a little bulkier than the others and comes in either black or ivory leather.

Jeffrey Campbell "Meriwidow" Lace-Up Boots in black (Ann Demeulemeester knockoffs)

Jeffrey Campbell “Meriwidow” Lace-Up Boots
($106.22, EnviShoes)

P.S.: Also available at Solestruckpjx, Ashbury Skiespjx & eBayeBay.

Jeffrey Campbell “Contessa” Lace-Up Open-Toe Boots

UPDATE (01/30/2014): And one more dupe by Jeffrey Campbell to add to the list. How do you like this one?

Jeffrey Campbell "Contessa" Lace-Up Open-Toe Boots in black suede (Ann Demeulemeester knockoffs)

Jeffrey Campbell “Contessa” Lace-Up Open-Toe Bootsls
($208, Nasty Gal)

P.S.: Also available at REVOLVEClothing.

Steven by Steve Madden “SCANDLUS” Lace-Up Open-Toe Booties

UPDATE (09/18/2013): Et voilà, I also discovered these open-toe booties by Steven by Steve Madden which would be great alternatives to the Ann D. boots. Available in black and tan leather.

Steven by Steve Madden "Scandalous" Lace-Up Open-Toe Booties in black (Ann Demeulemeester knockoffs)

Steven by Steve Madden “SCANDLUS” Lace-Up Open-Toe Bootiesamazon
($60.75, Amazon)

Elizabeth and James “Terri” Lace-Up Ankle Boots

UPDATE (09/18/2013): I know these Elizabeth and James boots aren’t a perfect dupe match and at $475 not exactly budget-friendly, but if you’re looking for an Ann D. inspired closed-toe version these here are probably your best bet at the moment.

Elizabeth and James "Terri" Lace-Up Ankle Boots in black patent and brown suede (Ann Demeulemeester knockoffs)

Elizabeth and James “Terri” Lace-Up Ankle Bootsamazon
($475, Amazon)

Jeffrey Campbell “Cardiac” Lace-Up Booties

UPDATE (09/18/2013): And here’s yet another Ann Demeulemeester inspired lace up boot by Jeffrey Campbell! What do you think of it?

Jeffrey Campbell "Cardiac" Lace-Up Booties in black (Ann Demeulemeester knockoffs)

Jeffrey Campbell “Cardiac” Lace-Up Bootiespjx
($168, Solestruck)

Jeffrey Campbell + Free People Perspective Heels

UPDATE (09/11/2013): Came across a tall boot version of the Jeffrey Campbell + Free People lace-up heels. Available in black or brown leather for $278! Absolutely love these boots, they’re so sexy!

Jeffrey Campbell + Free People Perspective Tall Lace-Up Open-Toe Boots in black (Ann Demeulemeester knockoffs)

Jeffrey Campbell + Free People Perspective Heels
($278, Free People)

Choies Peep toe Lace Up Sandal Boots

UPDATE (08/11/2013): Seems like Ann Demeulemeester is “en vogue” again! Found another set of Ann D. Lace-Up Heel look-a-likes; this time at Choies. Available in black or brown leather.

Choies Peep toe Lace Up Sandal Boots in black (Ann Demeulemeester knockoffs)

Choies Peep toe Lace Up Sandal Boots
($94.99, Choies)

Jeffrey Campbell + Free People Minimal Lace Up Heels

UPDATE (07/16/2013): After almost 4 years Jeffrey Campbell re-released their highly coveted Ann Demeulemeester lace-up heels again exclusively for Free People. Availale in black, white, black and white, tan and grey.

Jeffrey Campbell + Free People Minimal Lace Up Heels in black (Ann Demeulemeester knockoffs)

Jeffrey Campbell + Free People Minimal Lace Up Heels
($178, Free People)

Jeffrey Campbell Corset Heels

UPDATE (10/05/2009): More good news! Free People have finally restocked Jeffrey Campbell’s Ann Deumeulemeester knockoffs. Missed out on these the first time? Now is your chance to get hold of these cuties!

Sometimes I think everything Jeffrey Campbell does these days is copying other people’s work. Well, it may be unethical, but at least it allows us budget fashionistas to be fashionable without the hefty price tag. Look at these beautiful, almost identical knockoffs. Pretty amazing, huh? They sure are shamelessly expensive for knockoffs, but even priced at $198 they are about $700 les than the originals, so they can’t be TOO bad, right? All sizes are still available, but you better be fast as these knockoffs won’t stay for too long (they’re also exclusively sold at Free People, so if they are gone there, you won’t find them anywhere else).

Jeffrey Campbell Corset Heels black lace-up ankle boots (Ann Demeulemeester knockoffs)

Jeffrey Campbell Corset Heels
($198, Free People)

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  • Michele

    I ordered these from Free People because I couldn’t afford the Ann D’s, even on eBay. First, they are not by Jeffrey Campbell, at least not as indicated anywhere on the website, on the shoe box or on the shoes (they say “Free People” on the inside of the shoes). Doesn’t mean JC didn’t make them for Free People, but no claim to them as such. Also, they run very large. Sadly, I bought the smallest size they come in, a size 6, and they were a full size (perhaps even size and a half) too big for my foot, like over an inch of shoe past my toes! So, to be safe, anyone ordering them might want to order their size and then one size down; better to have to pay to return a pair than miss out. Loved how they looked on my feet regardless, and seemed comfy, so good luck to others!

  • Raven

    Do these shoes really fit that big? I heard they fit true to size from another person but I don’t know…I’m trying to decided how they fit before I purchase them.

  • Linda Palcit

    Do these Ann D’s run large??? I am a 37.5 or 7.5 should I consider getting a 37???
    Thanks, I would hate to receive them and they do not fit!! Too $$$$!


  • InTheirCloset

    Hi Linda, why don’t you order both sizes, take the one which fits better and then returning the other pair? I know $400/order are a lot, but as long as you get $200 back, this should be fine, right?

    Wish you luck! :)

    Irina from InTheirCloset

  • MK

    You are confused. Jeffrey Campbell came out with a more convincing pair ( nearly identical )that were being sold exclusively in a select boutique or store. I cant remember the name of it but anyone can google it. Free People also came out with a pair that are not as close to the Ann D’s but at that price who can complain? The ones sold by Free People are NOT by JC. I heard that ones by JC are currently sold out and not available online but that this store that carries them exclusively will feature them again but in a different color (not black) in the fall.

  • InTheirCloset

    Hi MK,

    I am certainly NOT confused. The Free People ones ARE by Jeffrey Campbell, I know that for sure. First they were listed under the Jeffrey Campbell category on the FP website (though they don’t mention the brand on the product page). There seems no brand pages on the new Free People website, so I can’t show you to prove it now, but it’s true.

  • Michele

    They certainly looked a lot like the Jeffrey Campbell pair for LF Stores, though those were in leather and with a taller shaft. However, I did order the ones from Free People, and though they may show up under the JC category on the website (they didn’t at first when I ordered them), the shoes say “Free People” on the insole, and do not come in a JC marked box. So, maybe JC made them for Free People but isn’t stating as such and changed these FP shoes a bit so that it wouldn’t conflict with the exclusives they did for LF Stores.

  • dee

    i’m going to go with the camp that says these are jeffrey campbells…not specified by free people as such, but free people and urban outfitters are known to place their name on a number of products that are not necessarily their own. i’m assuming they buy some sort of rights? anyway, love these and just placed an order for a pair! i sized down, hope they fit!

  • Linda

    OK, got the Ann D’s in my exact size and they are amazing. A huge splurge but they are truly a work of fashion ART. Get your exact size if you can still score ‘em!

  • lynn

    Hey Linda, care to share where you got your Ann D’s? I have been trying to scout it everywhere but in vain.

  • ZJL

    I’m sorry but I don’t think there’s a grey line here about ethics. Even though fashion designers are all influenced by each other and there are always similarities, the absolute, blatant, copy down to the detail that Jeffrey Campbell is selling IS unethical.

    I am not hating on anyone who buys their stuff, but it sholud be fair to state one’s opinion, right? We are not just buying boot/shoes here, we are buying a style. Campbell steals his styles from others in a way that is so “in your face” that it makes me sad.

    I know the arguement about women without big bucks should be able to be fashionable too. And we absolutely can do that without HAVING to have any particular boot. I can’t afford to pay more than $200 for a pair of boots, but it ‘s not worth it to me to buy something that is stolen.

  • Rai

    ZJL, I think you commented in the wrong place. If you want to have a discussion on ethics, have it somewhere else where the people will care a lot more to talk on that. Otherwise, there is a slim chance everyone here is going to come back to hear your ethics speech.

  • Ivy

    I just discovered your website and I love it.

    Just wanted to say that those aren’t JC’s. JC did come out with one but that was a collaboration only with LF stores. I’m pretty sure these are made by Free People.

    It’s pretty late but I’m dying to get my hands on a pair of Ann D. inspired lace-up boots. JC’s are sold out and the Free People ones are sold out in black :(

  • YARA

    When a specific designer makes a shoe for a specialty store, or brand, they do not put their own label AND the label of the store that is distributing them. That would take the focus off the establishment that is selling them. Therefore, they ARE JC’s but the label is removed and stated as Free People’s. because in a sense, they are FPs property to distribute. Dolce Vita does the exact same thing with Steve Madden. Raises profits for FP. JC gains more exposure by doing this for FP.

  • Linda

    I ordered through Brown’s in the UK. They fit absolutely true to size. I just purchased some Anne D ankle boots and they too fit perfectly in my size.

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  • Amira A


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