Real vs. Steal – Alexander Wang Freja Open Toe Laced Zip Booties

by Celine on July 12, 2010

Update: This post has been updated on July 12, 2010. Scroll down to see the new adds.

Peep-toe booties are a favorite of mine but I know it took a while for most people to fully embrace them. Intellectually I know they make no practical sense, but I can’t help it – I find them disarmingly sexy. Well, combine that peep-toe bootie with a zipper and you’ve got yourself what is possibly the trendiest shoe of the moment. Alexander Wang‘s Freja Open Toe Laced Zip Booties (say that three times fast) have been so incredibly popular that they sold out immediately on NET-A-PORTER. They are still available on Shopbop, but at such a high price I’m not surprised by the influx of mail we’ve received asking us to locate a suitable alternative.

Alexander Wang Freja Lace-Up Boots in black

Alexander Wang Freja Open Toe Laced Zip Bootiescj
($675, Shopbop)

P.S.: Also available at Amazonamazon.

Celebrities Love Alexander Wang

Rihanna and Jessica Szohr wearing black Alexander Wang Freja Open Toe Laced Zip Booties

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Gianni Bini “Rocker” Ankle Boots

UPDATE (07/12/2010): Another fabulous Freja look-a-like for under $100 by Gianni Bini. Available in black or brown.

Gianni Bini "Rocker" Ankle Boots in black (Alexander Wang Freja knockoffs)

Gianni Bini “Rocker” Ankle Bootsls
($99.99, Dillard’s)

Michael Antonio “Tazia” Platform Booties

UPDATE (07/12/2010): Michael Antonio‘s Freja version is more of the inspired-by kind since it has a few additional features like the added platform and the side cut-outs. Available in black, sand, grey & tan.

Michael Antonio "Tazia" Platform Booties in black (Alexander Wang Freja knockoffs)

Michael Antonio “Tazia” Platform Bootiesamazon
($84, Amazon)

N.Y.L.A. “Frissy” Ankle Boots

UPDATE (05/07/2010): Finally a decent Freja knockoff brought to you by N.Y.L.A.. Nice dupe, isn’t it? Available in black, brown & bone.

N.Y.L.A. "Frissy" Ankle Boots in black (Alexander Wang Freja knockoffs)

N.Y.L.A. “Frissy” Ankle Bootsamazon
($106.95, Amazon)

Kelsi Dagger “Reece” Ankle Boots

UPDATE (04/29/2010): I am still waiting for the perfect “Freja” knockoff, but in the meantime if you’re not gifted with patience, check out these good Freja look-a-likes by Kelsi Dagger. Available in black or red leather.

Kelsi Dagger "Reece" Ankle Boots in black (Alexander Wang Freja knockoffs)

Kelsi Dagger “Reece” Ankle Bootsamazon
($179.95, Amazon)

Qupid “Fidel” Peep-toe Lace-Up Zipper Booties

UPDATE (04/15/2010): Check out these great Freja knockoffs by Qupid.

Qupid "Fidel" Peep-toe Lace-Up Zipper Booties in black (Alexander Wang Freja knockoffs)

Qupid “Fidel” Peep-toe Lace-Up Zipper Bootiesamazon
($45, Amazon)

ASOS “TURNER” Suede Lace-Up Peep-toe Shoes

Now readers, I know these aren’t an exact copy of the Alexander Wangs (I fear we’ll most likely have to wait a few months for those to start flooding the scene – but when they do, be sure we’ll feature them here!), but it’s quite clear to us where ASOS gleaned their inspiration from. With the flap, high heel and peep-toe you’ll be getting the same general sexy feel as the Alexander Wang booties but without the hefty price tag.

ASOS "TURNER" Suede Lace-Up Peep-toe Shoes in black (Alexander Wang Freja knockoffs)

ASOS “TURNER” Suede Lace-Up Peep-toe Shoesls
($84.23, ASOS)

Dorothy Perkins Zip Buckle Ankle Boots

Now if what you really loved about the originals was that amazing zipper detailing, then maybe these Dorothy Perkins‘ Zip Buckle Ankle boots are for you. The flap is still there with the aforementioned zippering, as is the peep-toe, but they’ve also added buckles, another huge trend for 2010. While these are a little bit of a stretch from Alexander Wang’s Frejas, these are definitely my favorite knockoff. I’m a sucker for hardware and I love how they cut the front peep-toe part of the shoe a little wider than normal – certainly vaguely reminiscent of the Wangs. If you can’t wait for an exact knockoff of the Freja booties to emerge, why not give these a try?

Dorothy Perkins Zip Buckle Ankle Boots in black suede

Dorothy Perkins Zip Buckle Ankle Bootsls
(£10, Dorothy Perkins)

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  • Kat

    YES! please do feature look-a-likes when they come out… I love this boot, but not crazy about the ones featured. Great blog, I check you out everyday. Keep us posted on all things Alexander Wang!

  • Joby

    You guys are wonderful! Thanks!!!

  • chloe

    i love these shoes so much. i like the Kelsi dagger look-alikes. N.Y.L.A FRISSY ANKLE BOOTS—
    do they happen to have them in Dublin,Ireland?

  • Jessica

    FYI: Check out the Kardashian’s for bebe line… they have a knock off with a high heel and closed toe for $228. “Mari Lace Up Leather Bootie” at

    Personally, I just bought the Kelsi Dagger version because they have a lower, thicker heel.

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