Real vs. Steal – Alexander McQueen Studded Platform Booties

by Irina on May 20, 2011

Update: This post has been updated on May 20, 2011. Scroll down to see the new add.

[FYI: The original post was written prior to Alexander McQueen’s death, in October 2009.]

It’s quite rare to find a designer who does not only great clothes, but also great shoes. The genius that is Alexander McQueen certainly belongs into this category. I always look forward to what he’s coming up with season after season. His shoe designs are sometimes crazy, sometimes painfully cute or edgy or just badass like these grommet slingback booties below. But they are always unique. There is ONE thing that bugs me about his shoes though: the PRICE, of course! Despite being on sale, you’d still have to shell out more than $600 to own these kickass heels. Sadly, this is no option for me.

Alexander McQueen studded platform ankle booties in black with grommets

Alexander McQueen Studded Platform Bootiescj
($656.10, Zappos)

Mischa Barton Loves Alexander McQueen

Mischa Barton wearing Alexander McQueen Studded Slingback Booties in black

Charles Albert New 1288 Booties

UPDATE (05/20/2011): After a long, long time another McQueen knockoff popped up. This one’s by Charles Albert and it’s quite easy on the wallet with a price tag of only $34.95. Yay!

Charles Albert New 1288 Booties in black (Alexander McQueen knockoffs)

Charles Albert New 1288 Bootiesamazon
($34.95, Amazon)

Wet Seal Grommet Slingback Heels

UPDATE (12/10/2009): Here’s one more budget-friendly alternative by Wet Seal.

Wet Seal Grommet Slingback Heels in black (Alexander McQueen knockoffs)

Wet Seal Grommet Slingback Heelsls
($32.50, Wet Seal)

Faith “Lush” Eyelet Slingback Sandals

UPDATE (10/31/2009): Found yet another Alexander McQueen knockoff by Faith for all UK/European McQueen lovers. The slingbacks are available in either black leather or grey suede.

Faith "Lush" Eyelet Slingback Sandals in black (Alexander McQueen knockoffs)

Faith “Lush” Eyelet Slingback Sandalsls
(£75, ASOS)

Luichiny “Poke A Dot” Slingback Booties

UPDATE (10/02/2009): Yet another Alexander McQueen knockoff. This one’s by Luichiny.

Luichiny "Poke A Dot" Grommet Slingbacks (Alexander McQueen knockoffs)

Luichiny “Poke A Dot” Slingback Bootiesamazon
($85.46, Amazon)

Gabriella Rocha “Nanuck” Grommet Booties

UPDATE (09/25/2009): Here’s another Alexander McQueen knockoff version by Gabriella Rocha.

Gabriella Rocha "Nanuck" Grommet Peep-toe Slingback Booties (Alexander McQueen knockoffs)

Gabriella Rocha “Nanuck” Grommet Bootiescj
($67, Zappos)

N.Y.L.A. “Revel” Peep-toe Slingbacks

UPDATE (08/14/2009): Found another great looking Alexander McQueen knockoff by N.Y.L.A..

N.Y.L.A. Revel Peep-toe Slingback Sandals in black (Alexander McQueen knockoffs)

N.Y.L.A. “Revel” Peep Toe Slingbacksamazon
($109.95, Amazon)

STEVEN by Steve Madden “TUTORR” Slingback Booties

If you want to channel your inner rock chick as well, try these suede slingback booties by STEVEN by Steve Madden. The platform is higher (= easier to walk in) and the stiletto has been replaced with a cone heel, but otherwise they look practically the same. Also available in blue suede.

Steve Madden TUTORR Grommet Booties in black (Alexander McQueen knockoffs)

Steve Madden “TUTORR” Grommet Peep-toe Bootiesamazon
($169.95, Amazon)

bebe “Belinda” Slingback Grommet Booties

Not digging the gold hardware or the suede? bebe‘s “Belinda” Grommet Booties might fit your bill then. They have silver instead of gold grommets and the platform is hidden. These have also been messed up with a cone heel though it’s not as extreme as on the Steve Madden version.

bebe Belinda Slingback Grommet Booties in black (Alexander McQueen knockoffs)

bebe “Belinda” Slingback Grommet Bootiespjx
($104.99, bebe)

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