Real vs. Steal – Alexander McQueen “Faithful” Peep-toe Ankle Boots

by Irina on April 14, 2015

Update: This post has been updated on April 14, 2015. Scroll down to see the new add.

I wonder if – one fine day – I will be the happy owner of a pair of Alexander McQueen heels. I would LOVE to, but thinking that his shoes go for more than 1k per pair, I somehow doubt this is ever going to happen. Not with that kind of budget at least. Anyone out there bothering to tell me the secret of getting rich quick? My shoe addiction refuses to wait any longer to be satisfied.

Alexander McQueen "Faithful" Zipper Peep-toe Ankle Boots in black

Alexander McQueen Faithful Peep-toe Ankle Bootsls
($1.155, Net-A-Porter)

Celebrities Love Alexander McQueen

Emma Watson, Rihanna, LaLa Vasquez, Amerie and Lindsay Lohan wearing black Alexander McQueen "Faithful" zipper peep-toe ankle boots

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BCBGeneration “Lantern” Peep-Toe Ankle Booties

Update (04/14/2015): Discovered these front collar peep-toe booties by BCBGeneration and they instantly reminded me of the Alexander McQueen ankle boots above. Currently on sale for a very budget-friendly $45.60!

BCBGeneration "Lantern" Peep-Toe Ankle Booties in black (Alexander McQueen Faithful knockoffs)

BCBGeneration “Lantern” Peep-Toe Ankle Bootiesamazon
($45.60, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at 6pm & Nordstrom Rack.

Milanoo Peep-Toe High Heel Booties

Update (02/17/2014): After all these years, we’re still getting requests for the McQueen booties above, so here you go. Found another Faithful bootie dupe at Milanoo for $66.39!

Milanoo Peep-Toe High Heel Booties in black (Alexander McQueen Faithful knockoffs)

Milanoo Peep-Toe High Heel Bootiesls
($66.39, Milanoo)

Italina SR-BD1116 Open Toe Booties

Update (02/10/2012): Just stumbled upon these McQueen bootie look-a-likes by Italina. And they’re currently on sale for $39.99!

Italina SR-BD1116 Open Toe Booties in black (Alexander McQueen "Faithful" knockoffs)

Italina SR-BD1116 Open Toe Bootiesamazon
($39.99, Amazon)

Madden Girl “Kernal” Zipper Booties

Update (05/27/2010): If you’re wary of high heels, try these “Faithful” knockoffs by Madden Girl. They’re a bit bulky, but the low heel makes them that much more practical for day-to-day wear. The price ain’t too bad either.

Madden Girl "Kernal" Zipper Booties in black (Alexander McQueen Faithful knockoffs)

Madden Girl “Kernal” Zipper Booties
($49.95, DSW)

Wet Seal Motorcycle Booties

Update (12/10/2009): Stumbled upon yet another Faithful bootie knockoff version by Wet Seal. Available in either black or taupe.

Wet Seal Motorcycle Booties in black (Alexander McQueen Faithful knockoffs)

Wet Seal Motorcycle Booties
($19.50, Wet Seal)

Aldo “Haga” Zip Ankle Boots

Update (12/02/2009): Found yet another great alternative to the McQueen booties by Aldo. They are not a complete rip-off, but the inspiration behind these is more than obvious.

Aldo "Haga" Zipper Open-toe Booties in black (Alexander McQueen "Faithful" knockoffs)

Aldo “Haga” Zip Ankle Bootsls
($120, Aldo)

Michael Antonio “Monet” Zipper Booties

Update (11/19/2009): Woohoo! I didn’t expect to find a knockoff just as good as the Steve Maddens, but then I stumbled upon these zipper booties by Michael Antonio. They look just as good AND are way cheaper, too. Yay! Also available in brown, berry, grey and red.

Michael Antonio "Monet" Zipper Ankle Booties in black (Alexander McQueen Faithful knockoffs)

Michael Antonio “Monet” Zipper Ankle Bootiespjx
($34.97, Shiekh)

Pink Duchess “Vicky” Zipper Ankle Boots

Update: These booties by Pink Duchess are also a good and super affordable alternative to the real McQueen booties.

Pink Duchess "Vicky" Zipper Ankle Boots in black (Alexander McQueen Faithful knockoffs)

Pink Duchess “Vicky” Zipper Ankle Boots
($24.99, Nordstrom Rack)

Steve Madden “SERYNA” Peep-toe Ankle Boots

I love and hate Steve Madden. Hate because his collection is mostly based on other people’s creativity and LOVE because it makes being fashionable on a budget SO much easier without having to compromise the designer look of a shoe. These Alexander McQueen knockoffs are almost identical, the only thing that’s different is that the zipper isn’t a skull shape, but everything else could pass as the original. The ankle boots are currently on pre-order and will be ready to ship in approx. 4 weeks. However I wouldn’t wait too long to order as this style is probably one of the first to sell out.

Steve Madden SERYNA Zipper Ankle Booties in black (Alexander McQueen "Faithful" knockoffs)

Steve Madden “SERYNA” Peep-toe Ankle Bootsls
($129.95, Steve Madden)

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  • J

    Too funny, I just wrote up a post about this bootie! Mine isn’t posting until Saturday though. Great minds think alike!! 🙂

  • YJ

    I am selling these shoes for $60 if anyone is interested.
    If you are interested, let me know-

  • YJ

    Forgot to mention the size.
    The size is 6.5-7 and they are brand new.
    I got them but they’re too big and I can’t return or exchange because i got them overseas.
    Let me know

  • Lourdes

    I am interested!!! That is my size do you still have them???

  • YJ

    YES I still have them.
    The size fits 6.5 and 7.
    they’re a exact replica of the alexander mcqueens…they’re made by ShoeBD and they have cushions so they are very comfy!
    if you need more pictures, i can send them through your email

  • lourdes

    Here is my email address is my email. So they are not steve Madden

  • nura

    hi! im interested too in the alexander mcqueen booties…here’s my email:

  • Sarah

    I”m interested in these boots!! i clicked on the link and it just goes to the stevemadden website 🙁 i read on perez that alexander wang was sueing him…
    where can i get them?!!

  • Alexandra

    Hello I”m interested in these boots.Wet Seal Motorcycle Booties How can i get them! I’m from Latvia. my e-mail: my size 7-7,5

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  • Denise

    You are a lifesaver! I am way too lazy to actually scour the internet for look a likes, and I have been head over heels about this bootie for months! I am so excited! THANK YOU! 🙂

  • Marcela

    I am interested in this ankle boot could send me pictures of her? I’m from Brazil and my number is 6.5. Still have this numbering?
    my email is:
    I look back


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  • Pattie

    Can you tell me anything about this site: [link removed by site admin]

    Are the shoes replicas or authentic? Are the shoes for rent or actual purchase? I tried the online chat thing but nobody replied… Thanks!

  • Esmee Diora

    Also Ellie Shoes Chastity 517 has the famous inspired bootie available. Just ordered it and it’s a cute ankle boot. Very nice.

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