Real vs. Steal – Alexander McQueen Crystal Embellished Peep-toe Pumps

by Irina on November 21, 2009

Everyone who follows this blog for a while should be aware of my everlasting love for everything Alexander McQueen – especially my love affair with his shoes. His creations are always so stunning and unique. Take these gorgeous white satin peep-toes for example. If I was to marry anytime soon, I would definitely choose these as my bridal shoes and feel like Cinderella in a fairy tale.

Alexander McQueen 216796 Crystal Embellished Satin Peep-toe Pumps in white

Alexander McQueen Crystal Embellished Satin Peep-toe Pumpscj
($547, Zappos)

RSVP “Lovely” Satin Peep-toe Pumps

If the real McQueen crystal heels don’t fit within your wedding/shopping budget, go for these budget-friendly satin peep-toes by RSVP instead. They’re called “Lovely” and that’s exactly what they are. Absolutely lovely! I’m so, so, so in love. Now I know they do miss the front crystals, but everything else looks almost identical. And they come in an array of adorable colors such as baby blue and fuchsia, too. I cannot make up my mind which one is my favorite!

RSVP "Lovely" Crystal Embellished Satin Peep-toe Pumps (Alexander McQueen knockoffs)

RSVP “Lovely” Satin Peep-toe Pumpscj
($109, Zappos)

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